Hi and welcome to my website.

I do not intend to collect data about you from cookies on my site, nor do I store any visitors’ information (unless you sign up for notifications or I give you an account). However, I do have a number of services installed on this website which undertake tracking and/or use cookies (the links take you to the service’s cookie policies).

These are:

  • Jetpack (from Automattic – including their other services, such as Gravatar, Akismet, etc.)
  • Twitter – for the live feed and links to content
  • Google Analytics
  • Built-in WordPress cookies to manage ‘log in’, and commenting etc

If you can recommend other services to use beyond these, then I would happily change over. Just let me know using the contact form or twitter.

In addition, I sometimes link to products on Amazon.co.uk. If you click these links, you will receive a cookie that authenticates where you came from so Amazon can give me a small amount of money if you buy something. These links are clearly marked.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can choose to either accept the cookies, or if you do not, feel free to leave. I will miss you, but completely understand your decision.