What Christmas teaches us about education

It’s that time of year again.

Lights appear strung across shopping streets like Victorian washing lines. The same four songs are playing in every single shop. Retail workers have that glazed-eye expression from hearing the same four songs on a loop all day. Everyday packaging suddenly is adorned with pictures of holly leaves. Everybody is ‘festive’. Continue reading “What Christmas teaches us about education”

Next generation digital learning environment – my thoughts

As I mentioned previously, the Jisc #codesign16 ‘Next Gen Digital Learning Environment’ strand is a perfect opportunity to rethink not only how technologies support learning, but how we build an educational system to reflect how we learn.
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11 handy tips for student blogging

I received these tweets the other day:

I didn’t think I could answer it in less than 140-characters, so maybe a blog post might help (well, duh!)

So here is my go at a handy list to help students new to blogging.
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Fitbit, learning, and why my wife is right

A couple of weeks ago, I helped host the Jisc Change Agents Network meetup, where we welcomed over 170 delegates. It was a very busy and intense day – from setting up in the morning to making sure the entire venue was returned to its correct configuration for the following day’s teaching.

stairwell-690870_1280When I got home and slumped on the sofa, feet aching and ever-so-slightly dehydrated, I opened up my Fitbit app to bask in the glory of my step-based achievement. To my horror, my Flex battery had run out halfway through the day. The potential 25,000+ steps was ripped from me, leaving just a paltry 8,000. All that effort, and what did I have to show for it?
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Jisc Summer of Student Innovation 2016 now open

Student innovation competition now open

Our innovation challenge: could your students make an impact?

digital-catapult innovationJisc’s Summer of Student Innovation competitions are an opportunity for students to have an impact on life and study in work based learning providers, colleges and universities across the UK.
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A to Z of Digital Education

When people think about digital education (or technology-enhanced learning – TEL) they often think of new bits of software, a website service, or a mobile app. However, these are just the tools to enable some interesting delivery, collaboration or assessment methods. We like to think about the underlying pedagogies, but sometimes it is right to bring the two things we love most in the world: ed-tech and lists.

In this post, you will find most of the cool apps and tools that may help your learning and teaching. We will provide links to their websites or app store pages. In time, we will look in more detail at some of these, and will keep this list updated as technology moves on.
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