Next generation digital learning environment – my thoughts

As I mentioned previously, the Jisc #codesign16 ‘Next Gen Digital Learning Environment’ strand is a perfect opportunity to rethink not only how technologies support learning, but how we build an educational system to reflect how we learn.
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11 handy tips for student blogging

I received these tweets the other day:

I didn’t think I could answer it in less than 140-characters, so maybe a blog post might help (well, duh!)

So here is my go at a handy list to help students new to blogging.
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Fitbit, learning, and why my wife is right

A couple of weeks ago, I helped host the Jisc Change Agents Network meetup, where we welcomed over 170 delegates. It was a very busy and intense day – from setting up in the morning to making sure the entire venue was returned to its correct configuration for the following day’s teaching.

stairwell-690870_1280When I got home and slumped on the sofa, feet aching and ever-so-slightly dehydrated, I opened up my Fitbit app to bask in the glory of my step-based achievement. To my horror, my Flex battery had run out halfway through the day. The potential 25,000+ steps was ripped from me, leaving just a paltry 8,000. All that effort, and what did I have to show for it?
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