I saw this tweet.

Yep, I’ll just let you absorb that for a second.

Chris Grayling, the Transport Minister – the man who has overall responsibility for ‘getting people and stuff around the country’, has decided that one form of transport does not ‘count’.

Are you kidding me?

Just in case you think this might be a temporary aberation, this is also the man who knocked a cyclist off his bike by ‘dooring’ him (see here).

My idea for increased road safety

Before Christmas I was walking home in the mist, and at one point it’s a lovely long straight. When I walk, I tend to let my mind wander, and this time it went to road safety.

As I have had some “incidents” recently on the roads, I have been brushing up on my Highway Code knowledge. But, if we are honest, how many drivers have read, let alone understand and remember the MUST codes. Don’t get me started on the SHOULD statements.

My thoughts to making things a lot simpler:

Every road user takes responsible for others who are the same size or smaller.

This means that pedestrians would look after themselves and other pedestrians. Cars would be responsible for themselves, motorbikes, horses, cycles, and pedestrians. Heavy Goods Vehicles would be responsible for the safety of everyone.

Just to clarify, this wouldn’t excuse reckless behaviour from anyone, but it is intended to change culture of road users from looking out for themselves to taking responsibility for everyone else’s safety.

There are probably many flaws to this idea, so please, let’s discuss this through comments below or via twitter (@marcuselliott).

Please don’t forward this idea to Chris Grayling, it might blow his mind.

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