Revisiting my VandR mapping one year on

Lawrie Phipps recently published a post, “Development not Training: an approach to social media for leaders“, setting out the history and rationale for the VandR mapping exercise he uses on his Jisc Digital Leaders course (VandR is shorthand for Visitor and Resident, a really useful way of thinking about how we engage with our digital lives – see here for a natty cartoon). If you haven’t read his post, please do (but promise to come back). And if you haven’t attended the Jisc Digital Leaders course, I would highly recommend it – booking is available for the May 2017 but I do not get commission.
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Award winning?

Adobe Spark (12)In a break from my usual rants, I will be doing some shameless self-promotion. For those of you with a sensitive disposition, please look away now.

Together with my team (Kerry Pinny and Chavan Kissoon), we are shortlisted for the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year award for our work on embedding Digital Capabilities at our institution.

We created a short video to summarise our work, using Peter Jackson’s definition of short when making our video. And that’s not all we took. Check it out:

You can read a short summary of our work on the ALT competition website here (; we are the 8th option down, so get scrolling.

Your chance to vote

As this is a public vote, it would be nice if you would be so kind to vote for us (obviously all the other options are equally great, but their videos don’t include Sean Bean).

Vote by tweet Vote by email

The deadline for voting is noon on 7 September, and the award will be presented at the ALT Annual Conference the same evening.

Only one vote counts from each twitter or email account, and for more information, go here:

Thanks again.