1000 weeks and counting

This is a nascent blog post, or notes, from about 2017 that I've decided to share.

1000 weeks. It doesn’t sound much. 7,000 days. 168,000 hours. 10,080,000 minutes or even 604,800,000 seconds.

If we go the other way, 1000 weeks is about 230 months, or just over 19 years. It represents the time from the literal cutting my children’s cord to the metaphorical one. 1000 weeks is my mantra when I’m struggling as a parent: “It’s only 1000 weeks until we have got rid of the kids”.

1000 weeks represents a childhood.

I started saying it when my daughter was born a few years ago. I’m still saying there’s just 1000 weeks.

1000 weeks represents the time for someone to transform from a parasitic mush of their parents DNA, to become a real person. Who can vote. Who can love. Who can lose. Who can be themselves.

What is childhood? I don’t know, but there’s a lot to fit in.