Just a quick one.

Over the last year or so, Twitter has been changing its systems to allow people to use the full 140 characters to get their message across. Previously, tweets included all the other data gathered as part of the conversation.

First retweets were ‘removed’. Though I miss the old:


Then pictures and gifs could be added for free, spawning:

Well, most stuff Peter Bryant does online. Plus this:

And now, the usernames are not counted for replies:

This has caused some consternation on twitter:

That last example looks hideous. However, the new update gives you the option.

I do quite a few tweetchats (#LTHEchat in particular), and get in to conversations that involve lots of people (mainly because of Lawrie Phipps and Donna Lanclos). As these conversations branch and morph, so the messages become more unwieldy.

I like the new update because it makes a few particular uses much easier. It shouldn’t affect day-to-day twittering:

It really isn’t guys

As with all of these things, just because there is a function there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. All this boils down to our digital practices and our digital capabilities.

PS: I might @ everyone I know on twitter with a link to this post

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